mercredi 29 juin 2016

Have you read Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam yet?

How can you talk of helping others when you haven’t helped yourself? Such sayings arise among us and I wonder why we keep hurting each other with such things. Should there be a reason, a justification, a logic in what any man is doing? What is the reason for us being here? What is the purpose of our existence? If we can’t find answers to these fundamental things, why reproaching one another for our choices, beliefs, eccentricity, irrationality? At the end of the day, we’re all human beings and none higher human than the other.

They may have possessions, positions, titles, reputations, recommendations or sanity yet we are all of the same species. Let’s celebrate each other, especially in what distinguishes the other from us, in what makes them unique, in the fact that they don’t conform to whatever system has called ‘normality’.

I care but I can’t help you for if I could, I would. Or could it be when a man can, he cares no more, or he may be exhausted, or has lost all his zeal and determination to help? We can’t tell what happened along the way. I’m no saint by good works and I don’t know how this life functions. I live it yet I know not the characteristics. The thing I do which I loathe the most is judging a man. Who knows what life has taken him to so that he does this or that? I am not right because I speak, or because I make logical points or because I win a debate. Who’s wrong, who’s rights; it doesn’t matter. What matters is man alive, healthy, prosperous, happy, satisfied in all fields of existence.

As of today, I am conscious that I don’t want to hurt anybody, I don’t want to say something to make them feel bad. I want to wish every man good, brighten them up with anything I have: time, talent, treasure. Yet I won’t grieve if I don’t do so for I am a human and who knows where life took me these last days?

I hate writing articles. What I love is writing about people and I’ve written about them in my books the Another Dimension series. These people live the ideals I cherish and I’d like to see that lived in my world, beginning by me. Give me a chance; you won’t regret reading Another Dimension.